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filati omega s.r.l.

A long thread since 1962

A family business protagonist in the global textile market

In 1962 the story of that began, which then in 2004 became filati OMEGA s.r.l.

The company was born thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of 4 nuclei of the same family. In 1974 the production plant was transferred to about 6000 square meters. of shed that still house our company in Vaiano, in the Val Bisenzio, a natural continuation of the city of Prato.

In the early 90s, the second generation joined the company and FILATI OMEGA  was transformed from a third-party manufacturer into one of the most appreciated cardati yarn production and trade industries on the national and international scene. With 12mln/€ of annual turnover, our yarns are used for the production of fabrics for furniture, clothing and accessories of the main world brands.


The pride of the
Prato Textile District

Every year in Prato 22 thousand tons of “rags” are recycled, which are processed with the carding technique. A calculation, necessarily approximate, on the basis of these 20,000 tons compared with the equivalent of virgin fiber, leads to estimate a saving of:

  • 60 million kilowatts of energy
  • 500,000 cubic meters of water
  • 650 tons of chemical auxiliaries
  • 300 tonnes of colorants
  • The emission of 18,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is avoided
  • The emission into the atmosphere of 1,000 tons of sulfur dioxide is avoided

our mission

A eco-sustainable production model


We choose Mulesing Free producers

Only wool from responsibly managed farms that ensure animal welfare and the reduction of environmental impact.

We ennoble waste materials

We buy pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled materials, regenerate them to new life and make yarns up to 100% recycled material.

We measure the environmental impact

The entire production cycle takes place within the Prato district, within a radius of 15 km, to minimize CO2 emissions for transport. We also monitor the impact of water and energy consumption.

Energy autonomy

Our company has achieved total energy autonomy thanks to the installation of 625 photovoltaic panels, to which is added an electricity storage system through a series of lithium-ion batteries that allows you to have and use clean energy even when the sun no longer radiates the system.

Mission ZERO emissions

Our Eco Sustainable Fleet

To reduce the environmental impact of the company, even during the delivery of the goods, we have purchased a full-electric light truck and a 35 truck with methane engine to replace the one with diesel engines. In the next 2-3 years, we also plan to completely renew our fleet with electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles.

We are committed to reduce the quantity of colorants, chemicals and water, and also reduce the CO2 emissions.