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The best raw materials

The best wools purchased directly from Australia, New Zealand, Rep. South Africa and South America from Mulesing Free producers.

Recycled materials

Recovery of materials, otherwise destined to become waste, which are ennobled, regenerated to new life and transformed into fine yarns.

Zero km production

All our partners are based in the Prato district, located within the radius
of 15 km and our yarns are certified
“Cardato Recycled made in Prato”.

a further essential guarantee of quality

Tracking and Traceability

Traceability has always been our need, on the one hand for
control production, on the other hand to ensure the customer all
information relating to each production batch.
• All this, today, is even more valued, as an element
fundamental of the new models of certification of products and
production processes.
• The entire production process of
each item: when it was produced, who worked it, which ones and
how many raw materials were used.

At the end of the entire process, the yarn is packaged in reels, which is then stored in the warehouse.

and then

Check Quality

Thanks to our internal equipment, each batch of raw material comes before being placed in the production process
controlled, verifying the composition with a chemical method and the fineness of the fibers with air flow.
Similarly, for each production batch, before being placed on the market, the titration with an electronic scale, the torsion revolutions with the torque meter, the resistance and elongation with the dynamometer are checked.
In addition, at the customer’s request, the color fastness to dry and wet rubbing, water fastness, acid and alkaline sweat fastness, pH determination of the aqueous extract.

Honored to have as an official partner, for our analyzes and ours
research on textile products the team of Professor Giuseppe Bartolini
Director of the newborn TIL Laboratory – Test & Innovation Laboratory in Prato,
structure of the Kering Group