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Fulgar entrusts Naba students with the Future / Lab innovation incubator

Fulgar, a company active in the production of high-tech green yarns – including Evo, bio-based yarn made from castor oil, Q-Nova, fiber from regenerated raw materials, and Amni Soul Eco, biodegradable yarn – launches a desired project and coordinated by the company in collaboration with Naba, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti.

An eco-friendly innovation incubator, focused on an idea of sustainable supply chain, interpreted by ten students of the third year of the BA in Fashion Design from the Milanese training institute.

The one with Naba is the first step of Future / Lab, a virtual platform of ecological best practices, through which the stories of young stylists, virtuous producers and brands who collaborate with Fulgar in a circular economy perspective will be told. The presentation will take place by the end of the year, with ample visibility also on Fulgar’s social profiles, within an ad hoc section.

Group (Albiate), Jackytex, Arpatex, Limonta, with the technical support of Thermore, Framis Italia, Omega Filati, Nyguard Not Just Any Zipper.

“For us it is a source of pride to open the doors to students for important visibility occasions like this, in which they can demonstrate their talent – says Colomba Leddi, fashion design area leader at Naba, and continues:” Our approach is based on multidisciplinary, combined with a learning by doing methodology. In particular, Future / Lab offered the opportunity to work by enhancing two essential elements in creative thinking: innovation and sustainability ».

«We believe it is fundamental for a greener future to place training more and more at the center of the Italian fashion system – explains Alan Garosi, Fulgar marketing manager -. Through the agreement with Naba we become promoters of the training of new talents, helping them not only in the selection, but also in the search for sustainable materials and yarns for their creations ».

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