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The Materials I wear are the synthesis of the Values I believe in

A family business protagonist of the global textile market.

… a long thread since 1962

The best Raw Materials

The best wools purchased directly from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and South America from Mulesing Free producers.

Respect for the environment

From the choice of responsibly managed farms to the reduction of the environmental impact and traceability of the entire production process.

Recycled materials

Recovery of materials, otherwise destined to become waste, which are ennobled, regenerated to new life and transformed into fine yarns.

Zero Km Production

All our production partners are based in the Prato district, located within a radius of 15 km and our yarns are certified “Cardato Recycled made in Prato”.

Our numbers


Years of experience


Kg of yarn / Month


Color Swatches


Our collections

In its collections, OMEGA YARNS includes Lambswool classics, twists, angore, mixed cashmere and patterns.

From the best raw materials to yarn made in spools


ZERO Impact Production

Our company is very attentive to the issues of the green economy, sustainable production and the circular economy.

From a product point of view, the wools we use come exclusively from responsibly managed farms and we buy pre- and post-consumer recycled materials to regenerate them and bring them to new life.

The entire production cycle is at KM0 in order to minimize CO2 emissions, we have also achieved total energy autonomy thanks to the installation of 625 solar panels and an electricity storage system using lithium-ion batteries.

As for the vehicles and the delivery of goods through road transport we bought a full electric truck and another 35 is coming with methane engine. To this end, in the next 2-3 years, we have planned investments in order to totally renew the vehicles with electric motorization or hybrid plugin.

Energia elettrica prodotta al giorno


Energia elettrica prodotta alla settimana


Energia elettrica prodotta al mese